The Recipe/Modifiers function is used for multiple quantities of an item or multiple items combining together to form a recipe.
This can only be access when using the QSR application (Enabled under Configuration > Company Detail)

Step 1 - Creating your ingredients

To make Recipe/Modifiers you have to create the items that are going to make up the Recipe/Modifier. These are created as you would all items for sale (Management -->Master Item --> item type Store).
Create an item for every ingredient that you will use as part of the Recipe, as in having a Hamburger on the Menu
  • Create an item for each ingredient. For a hamburger: create bun, beef patty, lettuce, tomato, mustard
  • Create an item for any modifiers: turkey patty, veggie patty, wheat bun
Usually the Selling Price would be $0

Step 2 - Creating the Menu Products

Creating a Package
Similar to creating an item (but this time, Item Type will be Package). This is your Recipe, it will have the ingredients added to this "package".
An example: The Package would be "Hamburger", with the selling price of the hamburger
Once the items are created, you can create a Package Item (Management > Master Item - item type Package)
Now you are able to create a Recipe/Modifier.

Step 3 - Creating the Recipe

Now you are ready to create the Recipe. You will be adding the ingredients to made a recipe (hamburger: bun, beef patty, lettuce, tomato, mustard) to the package (hamburger) Creating the Recipe: From the Recipe/Modifiers screen, select the Package Item from the drop down menu
  • UPC - UPC of the ingredients that are going to make up your Recipe
  • Description - The description of the items will auto populate
  • Quantity - The quantity of the ingredient used in the Recipe
  • Group - Used to create the modifiers (optional). If you want to offer three types of cheese you will create a Group "Cheese" and select it from the drop down
  • Hidden - Enable if you do not want the ingredient to display as an ingredient on the POS (only needed if you are tracking inventory of each ingredient)
Each recipe needs at least two units in the sale, they can be a combination of items or multiples of one item

Step 4 - Creating the Modifiers (Optional)

From the Recipe/Modifiers screen, you can create the modifier group so that the modifiers will be available (turkey patty, veggie patty, wheat bun) The group must include the "primary" item, the item that is indicated in your recipe.
  • UPC - The UPC of ingredients that will make up your group
  • Description - The description of the items will auto populate
  • Differential Amount - If any price differential for substituting this ingredient
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