Payment Settings

Go to Configuration --> Payment Settings
This feature allows the user to setup the payment settings (including credit card processor and gift cards). It also allows the user to select which features to allow such as debit cards, EBT, checks, In Store Credit and Dwolla as well as whether to allow for entering credit cards manually.
If the required Payment Gateway is not available from the drop down, please contact [email protected]
POSiTrak is currently certified on RedFin (Zivo), emulation, and Tsys. This section allows authorized users to to manage their Payment Settings , including setting up the Payment Processor and card type information. If you intend to use emulation please make sure that your processor has certified that their emulation gateway supports card swipe transactions. We support most processors through one of our certified gateway, please contact Customer Service if you need an updated list of gateways.
Payment processing settings are managed by user with the appropriate rights. If using a gateway, make sure that you have obtained your payment information from your payment processor. If using PC Charge your payment processor will be able to assist you with your settings. Please refer to the PC Charge Implementation Guide for best practices

Access :

Access is only available to the System Administrator.