Modifying Customer Records & Exporting to CSV


From CAS --> Transactions --> Customers --> Create/View Customers
Follow these steps for viewing customer records to make updates, and/or export the list to CSV
Step One :
Login to the back office web portal (CAS) and navigate to Transactions --> Customers --> Create/View Customers
Once this screen appears, you have multiple things you can do.

Exporting CSV

If you are trying to export CSV of your entire list, with all fields blank, you can choose the option to Search at the bottom, and all customers will appear in a list at the bottom. Without making any selections, choose the Export button, and a CSV file will download of the entire customer list.

Adding New Customer

If you wish to add a new customer, leave the Customer Number Auto Generated box marked so that you do not end up duplicating any customer records. Complete at minimum their name and email. Complete any other fields which you wish to include. If there are any customer groups which you wish to assign them, you can do that here. When you are done, click Save. (Note: First/Last name fields max at 20 characters)

Modify an existing customer

Enter in the detail by which you wish to search and find your customer, and click the search button. A list will show at the bottom with matching results. Select the radio button for the customer which you want to modify, and choose the show button. Their information will populate in the fields above. Make the changes you want to make, and select the save button. (Note: First/Last name fields max at 20 characters)